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Ready To Exit?

Four million private companies stand to change hands over the next twenty years as baby boomers continue to retire.  For a reported 75% of these owners a successor and exit plan is not in place.  The decision to sell is yours alone … or one with you and your loved ones.  When you’re ready you’ll need an advisor who will introduce you to owners of companies in your same business and an advisor who will lead the negotiation and quarterback every step in the process.  While we’re quarterbacking qualified buyers through the process you can focus on the day to day operation of your company.

Don’t Wait Too Long!

Want Your Money?  Boost Your Retirement Savings!

Before you start thinking about cashing out we need to start a dialogue with a buyer.

Geers will introduce you to owners of companies in your same or related business.  And we will keep prospecting for qualified buyers until your company is sold. 

Geers will determine the value of your company and negotiate the price and transaction structure.

The value of your company may differ depending on the type of buyer and what is included in the transaction.  We are very familiar with the generally accepted valuation methodologies.  We have a fiduciary responsibility to only represent your best interests with the most favorable terms.

You’ll end up with more money in your pocket when you work with us!

Our approach is straightforward.  We do what we say or you don’t have to pay us … and we only earn a fee based on what we negotiate with the buyer.

Work With Us.  Because It’s A Big Deal!

 What differentiates us is our ability to dig in, understand what makes your company valuable, negotiate price and look out for your people.  When your company is sold you will feel good that it will be in good hands with a capable buyer.   Don’t underestimate what a knowledgeable,  confident leader can achieve for you. 

 We do not ask for an exclusive arrangement.  The pressure remains on us each month to do what we say or else you do not have to pay our  monthly retainer.

Sell Your Company

The process is fairly easy but each step of our work is important and requires skilled execution.

We take responsibility for every step.  You don’t have to pay us unless you remain happy with our progress.

We’ll introduce you to owners of a company in your same or related business.  We will pro-actively work our extensive network of contacts, both business owners and other professionals.  We will initiate the dialogue with a buyer and start the process.

Confidentially we will also contact hundreds of accountants, bankers, lawyers and private equity firms throughout the region.  We will continue prospecting for as long as it takes. 

We will provide on-going leadership and advice to quarterback the entire process. 

The lawyers will get involved when we’re ready to paper the definitive agreement. 

Here’s the process in a nutshell:

  • Gather and exchange information 
  • Quarterback the buyer through the process and determine where they are heading
  • Value your company
  • Prepare a compelling presentation
  • Negotiate
  • Motivate the buyer to present a formal offer
  • Definitive agreement
  • Close … we’re responsible to get you your money

Geers Consulting earns a fee that is determined by applying a percentage to the transaction amount.  The percentage depends on the size and complexity of the transaction.  We require a monthly retainer related to our time and effort in introducing you to owners of companies in your same or related business and quarterbacking each of them through the process.  Payments related to our monthly retainers are deducted from our fee at closing.

Typically four to six qualified buyers will go through the process and make their assessment before you receive a formal offer.  The lawyers will need about thirty days or more to paper the definitive agreement.

Michael Geers will be your trusted advisor and he will be responsible to make you happy with our work.  Geers Consulting has a very strong reputation in the Cincinnati area in connection with selling private local companies.  Geers Consulting achieves superior results for business owners based on our proven proprietary processes and our commitment to your desired outcome.  Michael Geers left the CPA business in 2002 to advise business owners who decide to sell.  Michael focuses on negotiating definitive agreements for business owners across a wide range of industries.  Michael is a seasoned marketer who uses his extensive network to introduce you to business owners in your same or related business.  Prior to starting Geers Consulting, Michael was a tax accountant and valuation expert with a public accounting firm.  Michael has been involved in approximately 100 assignments delivering seller advisory, buyer advisory and valuation services.  Michael was born and raised in Cincinnati and graduated from Xavier University and St. Xavier High School.  Michael enjoys golf, cooking, landscaping and living with his wife Amy in Indian Hill, Ohio.  


#7440 Industrial Ventilation Company

SOLD Airvec Systems (Cincinnati, Ohio), December 2007

“After we decided to retire, we hired Michael Geers to sell our Company. Michael worked diligently through his network contacts and brought the most qualified buyers to us. We relied on Michael to negotiate the sales price, and we were pleased with his ability to guide us through the maze of financial and legal issues which resulted in a smooth close.”

– Dick and Gayle Schmidt, Former Owners of Airvec Systems, Inc.

#16450 Insulator Distribution Company

ACQUIRED Insulator Distributor (Cincinnati, Ohio), July 2017

Our team hired Geers Consulting to advise us after we started discussions about acquiring Meister International, a distributor of porcelain insulators that is serving the needs of the global electric power industry.  Meister generates annual sales in the range of $3,000,000.  Michael Geers became our trusted advisor.  He calculated the value of Meister and negotiated the price and transaction structure with the seller.  He introduced us to an experienced transaction lawyer who was very instrumental in preparing the definitive purchase agreement.  Most importantly however, Michael provided solid leadership and advice throughout the process.  He remained committed to our team and to our assignment.  We’re pleased with the results we received with our association with Geers Consulting and with the overall success our team achieved.

Brian Reed, Meister International Managing Director

Douglas Coates, Meister International Managing Director

Sherry Sandusky, Meister International Managing Director

#19565 Electrical Contracting Company

SOLD Electrical Contracting Company  (Cincinnati, Ohio), August 2019

We sold Brennan Electric with sales of approximately $3,000,000 to Area Energy & Electric with sales of approximately $70,000,000. We identified Area from our network of contacts, and we provided leadership throughout the selling process including negotiation and close. 

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